Connecting your Arc to a Windows PC

  1. Turn on your Wearhaus Arc.
  2. Right click the volume icon in the taskbar.
  3. Select “Playback devices.” 
  4. Right-click your disconnected device in this list.
  5. Click “Connect.”
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    Brian Clymer

    These steps do not work at all.  I am able to view the Wearhaus Arc as a viable choice in connection, but connecting to the device does not work.  Through the Wearhaus Arc Windows 10 app, I can connect to my Wearhaus and it states the firmware is up to date.  However, when I attempt to make my headset my chosen device to play audio, it simply does not work.  Pleasssseeeee fix this.

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    Aaron Hooks

    just restart the computer bro


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    Nicolas Jovanovic

    Try the latest firmware available.

    I heard the audio message confirming that my device is connected, but no sound from my mobile phone (I open the Wearhaus app and see that the application has detected my google music).

    I try to connect my wearhaus to my laptop : it doesn't work either.

    Still no sound

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