How does the Wearhaus Arc compare to others in the market?

Here's a great resource to compare frequency response graphs:…

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    Neville Noel

    Well I don't know..because when I put on the headphones...when I'm on a call the person on the other end says that there is a feedback or echo...also the headphone after a while, while connected to the phone for let's say 10 minutes will not hear anything when a call comes in and i answer it....last time all i heard was garbled audio...I had to turn off the headphones and reconnect to hear...or I will touch speakerphone then touch speakerphone again to hear through the phones Bose doesn't have that kind of problem...callers say they are hearing me loud and clear when using my feedback or echo...and I don't have no connection issues with my Bose even though it stays connected for a long time because after 5 minutes it goes off...something I don't see the wearhaus Arc+ don't have. The colours are nice though...that's why I bought it...but there is room for improvement..I'm using a note 10+ by the way....but it was same problem I was having on the s8+ as well. Hope it gets fix soon as the last firmware update for this head phone was July 2018. Thanks

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