Connecting your Arc to a Macbook

Set up a Bluetooth audio device

  1. Choose the device from the Bluetooth status menu in the menu bar, then choose Connect.

    If the Bluetooth status menu isn’t in the menu bar, choose Apple > System Preferences, click Bluetooth, then select “Show Bluetooth in menu bar.”

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up the device.
Select a Bluetooth audio device as your computer’s input or output device
  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sound.
  2. If your device is meant for sound output (for example, headphones), click Output.

    If your device is meant for sound input (for example, a headset), click Input.

  3. Select the device you want to use from the list of devices.


Source: Apple

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    Paul Sadler

    it doesn't work and neither does the firmware update

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